Tuesday, January 5, 2010


i am so tired!

i walked to the gym yesterday & did about an hour of cardio & thankfully, mum picked me up :) i really didnt feel like cooking, so we decided to have thai - we shared a chilli & basil beef (yes, not chicken =P) with rice. my iphone was almost dead, so i couldnt take a photo :( was okay, beef was a lil tough (which is why i usually stick with chicken lol) but lots of veggies! mum thought it was heaps salty (ima lil worried about salt now, coz apparently it makes your metabolism really slow? i used to add so much soya sauce to my rice! lol) but it tasted okay to me :)

anyway, i was all ready for bed by 930, started watching White Chicks (has some really funny bits, but is mostly annoying?) & reading a few new blogs I've come across :) & i was so falling asleep! but then a friend rang me, only spoke for 10mins or so, but just enough to like totally wake me up! LOL it was fine coz it was still early, but I knew after 3 days in a row @ the gym, I needed my sleep.

Anyhoo. Long story short, I didn't get to sleep until like 1am! BECAUSE idk! I was just so awake! & seriously, SO HUNGRY. ive noticed that the last few nights! I think it's because I'm not eating any food really, after 8pm (which is something thats really hard for me, it was quite common for me to eat 2 scotch finger biccies (love love loveee them - basically just shortbread) & a glass of milk before bed a few times a week) - but it's almost like hunger pains? it sounds silly, but idk, makes it hard to go to sleep! I don't think I could ever starve myself on purpose. LOL. anyway, I didn't wanna go downstairs so I just had a few gummi bears (ONLY a few, probably around 6?) just to give me that buzz & the pain did go away :) Finally fell asleep, listening to 20/20? some American 60mins-like program - they were doing a story on this preacher who killed his wife or something? So scary, was gonna turn it off but couldnt be bothered getting up. lol.

Woke up at usual time, 5ish - woke mum up (she said she's been not hearing her alarm lately, so she wanted me to make sure she was up getting ready for work) & then I went back to bed until 630 - & yeah, my eyes were just reallyyyyy heavy & they still are (& its 11:06am as I type this) & my body is sooooooooore. But I'm trying to stay positive :) This is good! My nose was a lil iffy last night, and my throat doesnt feel right? I'm really hoping I'm not getting sick (so not fair! i just started working out!) SO I'm gonna get some OJ (or some actual oranges?) this arvo when I go shopping, stock up on some Vitamin C! I'm seriously contemplating taking Vitamin C tablets, but they're so pricey!

Anyway! Had yoghurt & strawberries & blueberries for breakfast - really not a big fan of the blackberry yoghurt I bought from Harris Farm - definitly going to stick to the passionfruit flavour from now on. It's weird, again, at night coz I'm so hungry, it's like I can't wait for breakfast! But then in the morning, when I wake up, I'm not that hungry? Like I really don't feel like anything? Hrmm. I think I need to work on having more filling dinners. Thinking about trying a taco salad tonight! Got it off "Amy's quest to Skinny" blog LOL - the pic she posted looks really good! Gotta buy some lean mince, kidney beans & some sour cream. See how I go :)

Photo timeeeee!!

My b/f this morning - wasnt much milk left :( so only had half a glass - maybe that's why I'm feeling low on energy? Didn't eat all the yoghurt either, jst wasnt hungry? I've been snacking all morning at work though;

Water & some dried apricots (I've had 3 now) - soo sweet. I also tried some dried mango @ Harris Farm yesterday - quite nice also!
Spicy rice crackers - these are extremely yummy & definitly have some bite to them! Picked up at Woolworths the other day; only $2 for a huge pack! & really low in cal - all them for 100 cal :) Good way for me to drink water too (trying to get my water intake up! diet coke intake DOWN LOL) - you definitly need a beverage of some sort with these!
Lean Cuisine Green Curry Chicken - okay now I know this blog is meant to be all about FRESH & healthy eating, but I had this in the freezer @ work since just before Xmas & I really didn't feel like a salad for lunch yesterday, so I thought why not! It's just a small bowl, and only 270 cal! Chicken's wasnt the best, but it's a frozen dinner so that's expected.
Mocha cake? - proud to say, i DIDNT eat this! work was celebrating a girls' bday so they had this coffee cake - just LOOK at all the fat & oil that's leaking onto the napkin from the icing! It was made easier because I'm not a huge fan of coffee flavoured food - if it were chocolate cake however... might have been a different story =P

Today for lunch I have a tuna salad :) Should be nice, mum buys this really yummy tuna with a lime & pepper dressing? & I mixed up a nice dressing myself, mustard, tiny bit of mayo & white vinegar :) Much less fattening then a big dallop of mayo or caesar dressing.

Exercise for today - probably not much. might go on the treadmill @ home for 10-15mins, or do some jump rope. It's rest day! :)


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