Monday, January 4, 2010


Hey everyone! oo!! First blog! How exciting. I've been meaning to make one for ages, just never got around to it. I've been so inspired by all the weightloss/food tracking blogs I've found (especially TrulyJess, who's on Youtube too - she's so cool=]) and I've been wanting to get back into blogging for months now, so here I am! It's not gonna be like my old blogs (ohhh so embarassing LOL, but i LOVE reading over them - memories!) - more of a tracking tool for me, so I can actually stick to my new healthier .. lifestyle. haha. how corny is that, but it's true! I was thinking and realised that basically.. all of 2009, I ate whatever I wanted, without much exercise. Yeah, I had phases, where I'd walk to work for a few weeks straight, or go for runs 2-3 times a week, but nothing major. Not quite sure if anyone will read this blog, but if it's some random, I better explain my .. weightloss journey (ahhh journies.. advanced english memories! ew ew ew) - in 2005, I was at my heaviest - topping the scale at 90kg (I think the last time I weighed myself was at the doctors, and I think it was 89? Like most overweight people, scales are quite scary objects lol) - my mum likes to take credit all the time saying how her & the doctor sort of.. told me I had to lose weight now otherwise I would become obsese. I was on the borderline, my BMI was 29 something I think, & I believe 30 is when you hit Extremely Overweight? or Obese? Not exactly sure, but I KNOW it isnt good. lol. Here's a photo of me at my heaviest;

2005 - Year 10 formal. I wore the shortest dress too! I think I was in denial still. At least until I saw the photos.

Anyway, I remember leaving the doctors office (good old Dr Gergus Maria! lol) totally upset, crying.. but I knew then that a change had to be made! To be honest, I'm not quite sure why I was so overweight. I think it was just lack of exercise, because I was a healthy kid! Yeah I enjoyed my fast food probably a bit more then recommended (working at McDonalds for 3 years probably didnt help the situation) but I also loved my veggies! and good food! I think portion control was my biggest struggle, and it still is, to this day. Anyhoos, I decided to try Lite & Easy! & obviously, it worked :) Was so easy, everything prepared (I'd be the best spokesperson, I wanna be on tv! LOL) lil costly, but not too bad. I remember not being a big fan of the breakfast options - I hated the brown/wholemeal/seedy bread rolls that would come with soups and stuff (still do! trying to change that though, i wish i did! but idk.. white tastes sooo much better!) & I hate oats! and like those fibre cereals. But breakfast is pretty easy to change up, so that was fine. Most of the dinners were soooooo yummy, and some lunch options were quite nice (I remember loving the burger?) so it wasnt that hard. I also joined Fitness First, had a personal trainer for a month or 2 (that got way tooo expensive though! like $60 a pop. But he taught me what I needed to know (his name was Truc - cool lil asian dude). I kept going to the gym, probably once or twice a week, enough to lose the rest of the weight. Here's two recent photos of me;

My lowest weight on the scale was 61.9kg. I remember that so well because I used one of those BMI scales in a chemist (mum made me take one with her lol) - right now, I stay in the 64-67kg range. Not sure why, but it's been my goal FOREVER to get to 58kg. Again, no idea why, I just like that number. Like I said before, I really put no effort into my eating or exercise habits last year, hence why I've gone back to higher 60s. :( Annoying. But I did enjoy eating whatever I wanted for a few months I must admit =P

I know I'm not overweight.
I know I dont need to lose a dramatic amount.
I just want to achieve the following things;

*insert 2010 goals here* lol.

- get down to 58kg (aim for 1000-1200cal per day - this was my cal limit on Lite & Easy)

- exercise at least 3-4 times a week (something that will be quite a big change for me, like I said before, hardly no constant exercise last year, so hopefully should make a big difference with the last few kilos)

- tone up legs, arms & stomach (this is where I might need to use my 3 free personal trainer passes I got when I joined the gym, as much as I don't want to have a PT *idk, I'd rather work out alone?* but I know I probably will need to, to learn the exercises I'll need to do to achieve this.) I want to feel comfortable wearing shorts, singlets and of course, a bikini =P

- be generally a healthier person. Now I've never been a huge health-nut, and I definitly don't think I could ever be a vegan or 'totally clean/raw foods' eater (I love certain foods too much lol) but never say never! Again, I follow a few people on Youtube (especially Antishay & Tbossbone) and for example, Antishay aims to eat mostly raw & clean foods (no idea HOW, sounds extremely hard) but she does, and you can see the effects come through in her videos - at first your body reacts in a sluggish/tired way - it has to adjust to change - but once it gets used to GOOD food, you reap the benefits :)

(I'm writing this @ work so I apologise if my post is all over the place LOL)

I wanna try & post pics of my meals, to keep track and make myself accountable to something AND just generally use this blog to talk about food, exercise & health :)

It's Tuesday, and I went to the gym Sunday, yesterday & am also going tonight. I also walked to the gym from work yesterday, and then from the gym to Strathfield (probably half hr walk all up) & THEN I walked to work this morning (40min) - tomorrow I'm going to give my body a rest (maybe do my legs & abs dvd) & then maybe the gym again on Thurs (although that's my late night shopping night! hrmm, and I'm thinking about making it my cheat day - mainly coz I'm craving Indian =P) - we'll see. I'm definitly alot more active then last year that's for sure so things are off to a good start!

Time to post some pictures! :)

This was my lunch on Sunday & dinner last night -(with Maria, @ Saigon Bowl, in Strathfield - my favourite Viet place ever!) - was very yummy. I never ever finish it though, wayyy too many noodles. The soup is sooo addictive though, just can't stop! I don't think its uber bad for you (isnt it just broth?) but it definitly makes you feel bloated afterwards (hence why I gained 0.5kg when I weighed in this morning - disappointing, but I have to remember that I only just started exercising). Vanilla yoghurt with strawberries & blueberries.
Very yummy. I had this for breakfast today & yesterday also - very easy to prepare & so low in cal! only 6cal per strawberry :) basically all of 2009 my main breakfast meal was 2 pieces of toast (butter&vegemite, or butter&honey, sometimes peanut butter) and a big glass of milk. Cal total for that, probably around 600-700! That's crazy for only breakfast. With my yoghurt, I often have a cold Milo, just to give me that extra boost.

One piece of toast with vegemite (little butter), 3 strawberries & a hot Milo.
This was.. Sunday's breakfast.. one slice is better then two!

Baked dinner (cooked by mum)
Very small portion compared to what I'd usually consume - I loveeeeeee baked potato & pumpkin (who doesn't!) but I felt satisfied. Had some leftover lamb in a salad the next day.

6 blocks of white chocolate & a diet coke.
Only 4 blocks in the picture coz I couldn't resist =P So good! So high in cal though for so little. ahhh white chocolate <3
Had these in Newtown with my mum last week - not the best, but still yummy. I love mexican food - but I always find it better when I make it? The nachos at Georges (in Burwood) are really good, but yeah, really fatty I spose. I LOVE salsa. Can eat sooo much of it (gonna have some tonight I think - bought some organic cheese chips @ Harris Farm on Sunday - I tried one, they taste ALMOST the same as Doritos!) =] But yeah, these were made with black beans? Hrmm. not a huge fan. I prefer kidney beans.

Waffles with banana, strawberries & icecream.
@Max Brennar. All my close friends know that I LOVEloveLOVE waffles. & the icecream they use.. *dies* its sooo creamy and jst SO GOOD. I had this TWICE last week (once with mum & once with the girls) .. again probably why I gained! oh well :) I enjoyed it! haha. definitly only for special occasions (like when my boyfriend gets back from Thailand! xox)

Proof! LOL I take photos everytime I get off a machine to track how many cals I've burnt so I can write them down later. I really have to work on staying longer on machines, but I get so bored after 10-15mins! No idea how ppl can stay on them for like an hour. But they say, mixing it up is better generally.

Anyway! That's all for my first post I think. :)



  1. Thanks for sharing... all that food looked so yummy! We are totally gonna do this, girle. After all, a healthier life means a LONGER life!!! :-)

    Happy New Year!!!!

    ~*~ Becks ~*~

  2. Yay! My first follower & comment! :)

    Thanks Beckie!