Thursday, January 7, 2010


i am very excited about tonight - finally! i get to venture to kings cross :) LOL I KNOW - might sound a lil sad, but hey, I'm a 19 year old girl who likes to club, so I feel deprived! however, tonight's visit to the x is not because of a club (although I reaaaaaally wanna see SoHo! see what all the fuss is about) - its because of Japanese food! haha. Maria is dragging me to JuJu's? (yay! Janine is coming too now!! =]) I'm really not a big fan of sushi (as much as I try to be, would be so much easier & cheaper when it came to take away meals!) - idk, its just.. not filling enough for me? I can have a tuna roll, but I'm always hungry afterwards and I'm not a huge lover of seaweed. I'm planning on getting teriyaki chicken, or some other chicken & rice dish probably :) i am pretty open to trying new things though, so we'll see how we go. the restaurant looks really pretty too :)

went to the gym last night, didnt give it 100%, was feeling pretty tired but I knew i was going to walk home (something I've never done before, a good 40-50 min walk I say?) so it didn't bother me that I wasn't going hard - burned about 200cal so that's good enough. It was nice walking home actually (except for my inappropriate-for-walking handbag! lol hurt my right shoulder sooooo much - must bring backpack next time *& look like a total dork but i dont care!* LOL) - took a different route, up near Strathfield House of Chambers - sooooo many pretty, really BIG & expensive houses! so jealous. I took a foto of the one i liked most :) (trying not to look like a stalker - so many cars driving past haha)

Isn't it pretty :)
Anyway, I got home around 630 - I actually like getting home at that time, because if I get home between 430-530, that's when I snack like crazy, watching afternoon tv, lol. Started cooking dinner, made pasta with mince, tomato paste, onion, garlic, brocolli & capsicum - was really good!! Mum really enjoyed it too - served it with parmesan cheese on top of course, only a little. Also had that for lunch today *just finishing it now* mmm. nom noms!

I'm very proud of myself actually! Every Friday at my work is lunch run - where we pick a place to get take out from - today was Subway, and I resisted!! I was close to getting something but I thought no, I'm trying to save money here AND lose the extra kilos.. so yeah, i didn't give in :) I've actually gone off Subway now - I was obsessed with it for a while but not anymore - idk, it's better fresh anyway, not like when we get it @ work, sits there for an hour or so (coz I don't eat until 1, and we go @ 1130) ..

so yeah.
My lunch on.. Wednesday :)
Tuna salad, very colourful! still enjoying my mustard, mayo & vinegar dressing -idk, salad just isnt my favourite lunch.. not very exciting. I think I might add chicken instead of tuna - i LOVE chicken. lol.

My nachos!! Seeing all these people's great nachos/nacho salads on other food blogs motivated me to make my own! In the past when I have, I've been quite lazy, never doing the mince or beans, just sticking with the other ingredients, but you really need both to make proper nachos :) & it definitly made a difference - so yummy! I used organic corn chips - taste 99% the same as Doritos! & a teeeny bit of cheese :)

My dessert Wed night :) how cute does it look! lol i loveeeeee 100s&1000s! please note that this is about HALF of what I'd usually consume - be proud!

Leftover nachos for lunch on Thurs - also very nice - annoying to transport to work - had to put the chips, salsa and sour cream in different snaplock bag thingys, but it was worth it (otherwise everything would mush togethor, and u need to have the salsa and sour cream cold, not heated up with the rest) - I had 1/2 avacado leftover from Tuesday's salad so I mixed that with the sour cream - SO GOOD. wayyy better then the quacamole I make at home (with Philly) - definitly using sour cream from now on! (weight watchers, so it's sort of healthy ;) .. healthier!)

My breakfast yesterday - cold milo & yoghurt with fruit again.. :) becoming a regular thing - yummy tho :) *reminder - must buy more Milo* I've used a small can in a week! Gives u energy right? and a chocolate hit =]
Hot milo - I've been having one of these the last few nights before bed - I find it removes that ... really hungry when trying to get to sleep feeling. I know it's probably not the best.. but it's nice to have a hot drink before bed.. and at least I don't have 2 biscuits with it like I used to.. speaking of late night snacks.. I must try and not buy a massive bag of gummi bears! LOL sooooo addictive.
How cute are these 'white cherries' ?! They're not as ... flavoursome as normal dark ones, but they're so CUTE! LOL. mum bought them yesterday, gna have some as a snack soon.

oo I better go finish credits :) will report back with pictures from tonight! Jap food is usually really pretty!! =] xox

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